The ability to write well is well embedded in certain individuals. Yet to others it can be a bane when asked to construct an essay. Writing well is important not just as a General Paper student but in all aspects of life. Let’s say you are tasked by your boss to come up with a report or you would like to write a thesis paper in the university. All these tasks involve analysis through writing. Thus mastering General Paper is not merely for you to clear your A-levels, it is about equipping yourself with a very important tool, the ability to write well, to excel later in life. Here are some tips to help you improve your writing.


1) Practice writing

Practice makes perfect. You can blog about your interest, keep a journal or maintain a diary. Even if no one curates your work, the mere fact that you are comfortable with penning your thoughts will improve your overall ability to write. In today’s digital age, blogging about your interest can be a good avenue of expression. Top bloggers are usually good writers. To capture the reader’s attention, the blog posts have to be engaging. If you have an interest which you would like to share with the rest of the world, you should consider maintaining a blog.


2) Read articles

Reading good articles is a way of expanding your vocabulary as well as broadening your general knowledge. By good articles I mean articles on the newspaper or journalistic articles on magazines like Newsweek or Time. Newspaper journalists are usually very well read themselves. It is good to see how they form their views or how they convey stories to their readers. As you read often, you may start to identify with certain journalists because of his or her views and writing styles. This certain style of writing may be how you should angle your articles.


3) Read model essays

Since you are preparing for the General Paper examinations, you should read more model essays. Essays which were deemed worthy of making it into the public sphere are usually of a certain structure. Notice that model essays may not follow the usual sentence construction or paragraph structure which you are familiar with. The point is, writing should be natural. You should not be too mechanical in your writing. It can seem very robotic and mundane.


Writing is an art and not a science. There is no fixed set of rules to follow to get an A. A good writer who has never attended a single General Paper class may be able to score better than you if he sat for the examinations. However, if a person has never attended a Chemistry class, he will not be able to pass a Chemistry examination. Learn to enjoy reading and writing. You will see your GP grades improve dramatically!